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The Media and Mass Shootings
Ink Stained WretchesMay 27, 2022
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We break down media coverage of the Texas shooting, ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ goes poof, and NPR creates a snitch line.

Show Notes:

LA Times on Chris's big news

Ronald Brownstein on Filibuster

WaPo on Stefanik

WaPo on Monkeypox

CJR on Political Writing

Smithsonian on Small Town papers

WaPo Op-Ed on Trump 2024

WSJ on Depp v Herd Trial trends

NYT on John Fetterman's style


5:22 - Coverage of Texas Shooting

9:41 - Filibuster

14:40 - NRA mentioned in Media

19:17 - Trump Primary Coverage

29:39 - Stu Varney

32:15 - Sussman Trial

35:00 - Monkeypox

40:04 - NPR Mask Policy

44:00 - Obsessions

44:14 - WaPo on Elise Stefanik

50:40 - CJR on Political Writing

54:39 - Reader Mail

1:00:56 - Smithsonian on small-town paper

1:02:15 - Trends from Depp v Herd trial

1:04:31 - NYT on John Fetterman's style

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