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The news about the News

Eliana Johnson and Chris Stirewalt love the news business but they hate a lot of what’s happening to it these days. Using their decades of experience in print, digital and TV news they tell the story behind the stories, always on the lookout for bias, sloppy reporting and, well, just plain wretched journalism. Every week they help you to be a better, smarter news consumer.

Gather round, wretchos, and listen to the tales from the pride wars. Stick around to hear more on the debt ceiling, the pronunciation of Desantis and a detailed profile on the next Lululemon.
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We’re kicking off with Meatball Ron and how the media meanies are dogpiling on his botch launch. We also breakdown recent coverage around Tim Scott, the Debt Ceiling and Fox New’s “woke” employee handbook. Wretch on this MDW!
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Wretch nation. We are looking deep into the permission structure of the American news Media this week. This includes prime-time shakeups across cable news, crime coverage, and polyamory.
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A Troubled Town Hall
May 12, 2023
Donald Trump returned to CNN this week and, as expected, the media has strong feelings about the results. We’re breakdown their reactions and more coverage on topics like Joe Biden’s diet, Tucker’s next move and, most importantly, Eliana’s favorite self-tanner. Wretch on!
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The presidential debates are starting to take shape and we’re here to give you a preview of how it could go down. Also, we’re reflecting on the White House Correspondents Dinner as well as updates on Tucker and Clarence Thomas. Wretch on!
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