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Eliana Johnson and Chris Stirewalt love the news business but they hate a lot of what’s happening to it these days. Using their decades of experience in print, digital and TV news they tell the story behind the stories, always on the lookout for bias, sloppy reporting and, well, just plain wretched journalism. Every week they help you to be a better, smarter news consumer.

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Hot Mic Summer
Jun 21, 2024
When Chet Hanks declared 2024 as the second 'White Boy Summer,' he should have known it would be hijacked by the political media. We’re breaking down this travesty along with the upcoming CNN Presidential Debate, 'cheap fakes,' and the latest uproar at The Washington Post. Wretch on!
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Watch this episode on YouTube. Are there any “hot rodent men” in your life? If you don’t know what that means, NBC News has an important breakdown for you on today’s episode. We are also covering Justice Alito’s “hot mic,” turmoil at The Washington Post, and the British invasion of American newsrooms. Wretch on!
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We’re playing catch-up this week after missing Trump’s verdict in New York and more facileness around Alito’s flag. On top of that, we’re discussing two major stories spotlighting Biden’s age, significant changes at The Washington Post, and naturally, queer food. Wretch on!
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Today we are joined by The Dispatch’s Co-founder and Editor in Chief, The New York Times bestselling author, CNN contributor, and most importantly, our friend, Jonah Goldberg. We talk about his entry into blogging, the state of conservative media, and why he started The Dispatch. Wretch on!
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Watch this episode on YouTube. Before you enjoy the holiday weekend, hear about how the media isn’t allowing Justice Alito enjoy his. On top of that, we're talking veepstakes, NYT’s in-house hammer, WaPo’s $70 million loss, and a not-so-facile piece on Red Lobster. Wretch on!
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