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Ink Stained WretchesAug 5, 2022
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CNN goes on an apology tour while profits drop, the media embraces for a blue wave and we kindly ask audiences to stop giving into performative outrage.

Time Stamps:

0:24 - Introduction

5:08 - Front Page

45:15 - Obsessions

58:57 - Reader Mail

1:01:27 - Favorite Item of the Week

Show Notes:

CNN: Harris' remark sparks right-wing media outrage. Hear what happened in the room

Fox News: Twitter blows up over Kamala Harris introducing herself with 'she/her' pronouns, description of her clothing

@unionmarketdc on Instagram

Washingtonian: Union Market’s Edens Apologizes for Anti-Asian Email After Chef-Led Petition

Lexington Herald Leader: Some suggest flood victims 'got what they voted for.' Kentuckians aren't having any of that.

Washington Post: Several election deniers backed by Trump prevail in hotly contested primaries

Washington Beacon: CNN Chief’s Republican Apology Tour

New York Times: CNN Profits Are Down as Ratings Plummet

NYMag: Why Republicans Stopped Talking to the Press

The New York Times: The Morning Aug, 4, 2022

The Washington Post: A TikTok rival promised millions to Black creators. Now some are deep in debt.

New York Times: How Did a Two-Time Killer Get Out to Be Charged Again at Age 83?

The Washington Post: Opinion | Trans people shouldn’t have to hide to help Democrats win

Inquirer: Pa. Senate: John Fetterman's comfortable upbringing undercuts image, Republicans say

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