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KinderCare at The Washington Post
Ink Stained WretchesJun 8, 2022
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Democracy dies in twitter fights, Phil Mickelson learns a lesson about ‘off the record' and the undercovered case of the anti-police fire bomber.

Time Stamps

0:24 - Introduction

2:13 - Front Page

43:07 - Obsessions

57:04 - Reader Mail

1:01:51 - Favorite Items

Show Notes

CNN: Dave Wiegel Suspended

Washington Post: Black Voters' Support of Biden Has Cooled, Poll Finds

SI: Phil Mickelson Claims Some Saudi-Related Comments Off The Record

NYT: The Bachelorette Party Comes for Scottsdale

WSJ: Read This Before You Rage-Tweet at Your Airline

Free Beacon: How the Left Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Domestic Terrorism

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