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Hanoi Joe
Ink Stained WretchesSep 15, 2023
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Do you ever feel attacked? Tune in and hear how the White House deals with this feeling when their media allies start to turn their backs. We’re also diving into Walter Isaacson’s latest book, new plans to “Revitalize Local News” and the best hot dogs across our great nation.

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WaPo: Opinion | President Biden should not run for reelection in 2024

Cnn politics: Biden campaign plots long-game strategy as Democrats' fears of a Trump win spike 

NYT: Biden’s News Conference in Vietnam Ignites His Opponents 

Semafor: In books, Biden is an energetic leader. Too bad nobody reads them. 

WaPo: Why do we care whether Republican candidate Tim Scott has a girlfriend? 

NYMag: What Does Walter Isaacson Know About Elon Musk? 

Semafor: Twitter appears to throttle New York Times 

MacArthur Foundation: Press Forward Will Award More Than $500 Million to Revitalize Local News - MacArthur Foundation 

NYTimes: Fox Sued by New York City Pension Funds Over Election Falsehoods

WIRED: Preferring Biological Children Is Immoral

NYT: 15 Regional Hot Dog Styles in America

Denver Post: Lauren Boebert escorted out of “Beetlejuice” musical in Denver after “causing a disturbance” 

Business Insider: 'Corporate goths' are wearing their fishnets and eyeliner to work — and they're not apologizing for expressing themselves 


CBS: Virginia election candidate responds after leak of tapes showing her performing sex acts with husband: "It won't silence me"

MinnPost: MinnPost will no longer publish comments on stories. Here’s why 

Fav Items: 

NYT: Opinion | The One Privilege Liberals Ignore 

NYT: D.E.I. Statements Stir Debate on College Campuses