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Fox’s Bruh Moment
Ink Stained WretchesMar 4, 2023
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Today, we’re going deep into Fox’s horrible, bad, no-good week. We’re also looking at the Wuhan Lab leak coverage, The View (unfortunately), and the AP’s constipation clarification. Hit it, baby!

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48:21 Favorite Item of the Week

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Show Notes:

NYT: Murdoch Acknowledges Fox News Hosts Endorsed Election Fraud Falsehoods

Puck: Will Rupert Make a “Blood Sacrifice”?

WaPo: Opinion | Democrats finally seem ready to wage war on Fox News

Semafor: 'Non-Person' Donald Trump faces 'soft ban' at Fox

Reason: Global Disinformation Index, Inform Thyself

Slow Boring Substack: Misinformation isn’t just on the right

HuffPost: 'The View' Host Joy Behar Scorches Trump On East Palestine Train Derailment

Deadline: ‘Dilbert’ Cartoon Dropped From Many News Outlets Over Creator Scott Adams Racial Remarks

Vanity Fair: How Newsmax’s Cable-Fee Fight Spiraled Into the Right’s Latest “Censorship” Crusade

Puck News: Zaz’s “Equity Story” & Credit Suisse’s Demise

AP: Constipation does not kill more people than rifles in the US

D Magazine: Dallas Morning News Fires Reporter for Calling Mayor 'Bruh' on Twitter

Axios: Scoop: Jonathan Capehart quits WaPo editorial board, leaving no people of color

TV Tech: FCC Asks Administrative Law Judge to Rule on Aspects of Tegna Deal

WSJ: Upward Mobility Is Alive and Well in America

Favorite Items of the Week:

NYT: Jaromir Jagr, The 51-Year-Old Hockey Star Who Won’t Quit

NL Times: Amsterdam murder suspect caught with bag of meat at Lisbon Airport, fueling cannibal rumor

The Fifth Column: Ep #396 w/ Chris Stirewalt "Fired by Fox, Fixing the News, Eating a McRib”

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