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Ink Stained WretchesSep 2, 2022
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NBC reshuffles plans for Meet The Press, Washington Post is turning out to have a rough year and Steve Doocy changes his tone on Trump.

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3:45 Front Page

36:48 Obsessions

44:37 Reader Mail

51:04 Favorite Item of the Week

Show Notes:

MSN:NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Shakeup Puts Chuck Todd in Jeopardy

NYT: Frustrations Mount at Washington Post as Its Business Struggles

Mediaite: Steve Doocy Flatly Asks Why Classified Documents Were in Trump's Desk: 'These Are the Biggest Secrets in the World!'

CJR: Jared Kushner bubbles up again

NYT: Opinion | Harry Styles Walks a Fine Line

NYT: Death in Navy SEAL Training Exposes a Culture of Brutality, Cheating and Drugs

WSJ: Do You Need an Interior Designer or a Marriage Counselor?

The Cut: Meghan Markle on Her New Life in California

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