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Ep 93: Michael Doran on the War in Israel & Ghosts of 1973
School of WarOct 10, 2023
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Michael Doran, senior fellow and director of the Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East at the Hudson Institute, joins the show to talk about Iran-backed Hamas’ savage attack on Israel, how we can expect Israel to act in Gaza, prospects for escalation, and the echoes of 1973.



    •    02:33 Introduction 

    •    03:16 10/7

    •    08:51 Potential Israeli objectives in Gaza

    •    20:18 A regional war?

    •   27:20 Iranian objectives

    •    34:28 Intelligence failures, operational catastrophes

    •    42:11 Redeployments 

    •    44:45 Parallels with the Yom Kippur War

    •   51:07 America and Israel today

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