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Ep 29: Wesley Morgan on Afghanistan, Part 2 of 2
School of WarMay 17, 2022
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Wesley Morgan, journalist and author of The Hardest Place: The American Military Adrift in Afghanistan's Pech Valley, joins the show to discuss his experiences in the Pech valley, one of Afghanistan’s most contested battlegrounds, and to talk about the U.S. counterinsurgency’s successes and failures. 


• 01:25 Illicit Economies

• 04:13 Green Berets And CIA “Lost The Forest For The Trees” In Kunar

• 06:57 Who Is Jim Gant?

• 11:36 Self-Aware Proxy Warriors

• 13:42 Counterinsurgency Styles and Outpost Building

• 20:44 Central Government - Whether They Want It Or Not

• 33:18 Cash For Calm - Paying For Peace

• 37:22 War Winds Down In The Pech 

• 41:30 The Afghan House Of Cards Collapses

• 44:13 A Tired Afghan Army With No Good Options