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Ep 86: David Betz on Ukraine’s Counteroffensive and Russia’s Defense
School of WarAug 22, 2023
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David Betz, Professor of War in the Modern World at King’s College London, joins the show to talk about what the status of the Ukrainian counteroffensive has to teach us about the enduring relevance of fortifications and the defense as a form of war.



    •    02:02 Introduction 

    •    02:16 Modern War

    •    03:36 Counteroffensive progress

    •    06:08 Tracking events

    •   11:08 Russia’s defensive scheme

    •    23:07 Fortified strategic complex

    •    32:9 Maginot reconsidered 

    •    40:47 The pendulum 

    •   48:07 What if… 

To read the article discussed on this episode click the link -

Russian fortifications present an old problem for Ukraine - JULY 20, 2023 DAVID J BETZ

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