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Ep 46: James M. Scott on Curtis LeMay in World War II
School of WarOct 25, 2022
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James M. Scott, author of Black Snow: Curtis LeMay, the Firebombing of Tokyo and the Road to the Atomic Bomb, joins the show to talk about the World War II career of one of the most important and controversial American generals of the 20th Century, Curtis LeMay, and his leadership of the strategic bombing campaign in the Pacific.  



• 02:00 Introduction

• 03:02 Teaching In Japan

• 06:27 Lemay, Tireless Worker

• 09:47 Bomber Vs Fighter 

• 11:43 Europe, B-17, and B-29 

• 19:54 Hansel & O’Donnell

• 30:00 LeMay Takes Over 

• 32:37 From Dresden To Tokyo

• 35:10 On His Own Authority

• 40:26 “We’ll Be Tried As War Criminals”

• 43:07 Firestorm

• 49:06 What Brought Peace?