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Ep 39: Ocie Vest on the Marine Corps’ War in Afghanistan, Part 2 of 2
School of WarAug 2, 2022
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Ocie Vest, retired Marine infantry officer, joins the show to talk about his experiences as a platoon commander in the Battle of Marjah and later as a combat leader in Nimruz Province, lessons learned in training and in combat, and how the war can continue after the fighting ends. Second of a two-part conversation.



• 01:27 Violent Months

• 06:15 “Do Whatever Those Guys Do”

• 09:42 Tactical Adaptation

• 13:32 A Fighting Exit

• 18:03 “That Sucked…Why’d We Want To Do That So Bad?”

• 21:29 Dispersed Operations

• 26:36 Nimruz Province 

• 30:43 Hope For The Future

• 34:39 Leadership

• 36:11 Medically Retired, Twice

    • 38:53 The Work Works

• 45:47 “Now Its Up To Them”