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Ep 30: Guy MacLean Rogers on The Jewish Revolt
School of WarMay 24, 2022
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Guy MacLean Rogers, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of History and Classical Studies at Wellesley College and author of For the Freedom of Zion: The Great Revolt of Jews Against Romans, 66-74CE, joins the show to talk about the great uprising of the Jewish people against Rome—including moments that resonate to the present day, like the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem and the siege of Masada. 


• 02:20 Introduction

• 04:21 The Jewish Revolt In Roman History 

• 08:09 Flavius Josephus 

• 13:41 Herod the Great 

• 22:29 Little Causes, Big Revolt

• 26:40 The Leadership Of Rebellion

• 30:11 Jewish Strategy And Logistics

• 35:03 Vespasian

• 41:04 The Temple 

• 50:01 The End of the Sacrificial Cult

• 52:01 Destruction of the Temple

• 56:00 The End Of The Revolt

• 1:01:02 Josephus’ Speeches

• 1:06:13 Could The Jews Have Won?