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Ep 26: Andrew Lambert on the Crimean War
School of WarApr 26, 2022
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Ep 26: Andrew Lambert on the Crimean War 

Andrew Lambert, Laughton Professor of Naval History in the Department of War Studies, King's College, joins the show to discuss the Crimean War, including why it shouldn’t have been called by that name. Professor Lambert also explains the relevance of the Crimean War to today’s war in Ukraine.


• 01:28 Introduction

• 02:20 Causes of the Crimean War

• 07:57 Flashpoint in the Holy Land

• 12:31 Steamships and Strategy

• 16:34 Functional Dysfunction in Policymaking

• 21:44 Why Target Sevastopol?

• 26:44 What Went Wrong

• 31:47 The Press and Public Opinion

• 36:31 Reading Events Incorrectly 

• 38:57 The Baltic Campaign

• 45:30 Mahan and Corbett Interpret the War

• 48:39 Ukraine War - An Echo of the Crimean War

• 55:34 Can Russia Re-Integrate Into The Global Community? 

• 58:32 Will Putin Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons?