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Ink Stained WretchesMay 6, 2022
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We break down Roe v. Wade coverage, the “boring” White House beat, and Trump’s role in the GOP primaries.

Time Stamps:

4:15 - Roe V Wade

18:40 - Primary Fever

22:00 - White Correspondence Dinner

28:31 - Mr. President's Teleprompter

32:04 - Taylor Lorenz and Drudge Report

37:08 - Madison Cawthorne Video

42:15 - Obsessions

51:30 - Reader Mail

1:00:25 - Say Something Nice

Show Notes:

NYT on Politico's big scoop

Poytner Column

AEI article from the great Samantha Goldstein

Politico article on White House Coverage

Politico article mentioning the teleprompter

NYT's Elon Musk Profile

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