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Study: The Future is Not Female
Ink Stained WretchesNov 12, 2021
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Plus, MSNBC grapples with big changes, the New York Times gives us chef's kiss climate summit coverage, and we dig into how the media beclowned itself with the Steele dossier


  • 02:28 - Segment: Front Page
  • 02:38 - The future of MSNBC
  • 09:51 - Nieman Lab study on the gender distribution of bylines
  • 12:16 - The New York Times on women running the climate change movement
  • 15:23 - FBI raids Project Veritas's office, related to Ashley Biden diary investigation
  • 20:49 - President Biden's awkward interview with a local news anchor
  • 24:34 - President Biden's pick for the FCC: Gigi Sohn
  • 27:40 - Spending package includes $1.6 billion tax credit to news outlets
  • 29:14 - The Virginia election and the Lincoln Project stunt
  • 35:40 - Segment: Obsessions
  • 36:50 - Coverage of the Ahmaud Arbery trial versus the Kyle Rittenhouse trial (Chris)
  • 40:34 - Indictment of a Steele Dossier analyst, and fawning Steele coverage circa 2018 (Eliana)
  • 47:40 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week
  • 47:52 - Kevin William's National Review piece on Texas (Chris)
  • 48:44 - The Miami Herald hires a bot writer for real estate beat (Eliana)


Our very own Eliana Johnson's article on Rachel Maddow circa 2014

The New York Times article on young women leading the movement against climate change

The National Review article on Texas

The New York Post article on the Miami Herald hiring bot writers