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Replacement Blame Game
Ink Stained WretchesMay 20, 2022
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Media makes a hash of the Buffalo shooting, the Biden administration pulls the plug on the Biden administration’s “disinformation” board, and a birder is back.

Show Notes:

WaPo on Stefanik and Buffalo

NYT on Paul Krugman

Malcon Gladwell on Tucker

WaPo's Climate Change Stats

Axios Chart on Depp v Heard Case

WaPo on Disinformation Board

NYT on a birder

Politico on Steve Schmidt

NPR on Pulitzer Debate 

Time Stamps

3:50 - Front Page

4:11 - WaPo and Stefanik

13:02 - Paul Krugman and NYT

14:30 - Tucker on Buffalo Shooting

17:45 - "Eye Patch McCain"

20:01 - Gladwell on Tucker

22:01 - Lawerence O'Donnell's crazy cakes

24:05 - CNN+ 

27:49 - WaPo Rant

32:11 - Amber (Ya) Heard

37:01 - Disinformationn Board Disamebled 

40:23 - A Birder is Back

42:55 - Holy Schmidt 

48:33 - Kathy Barnette

54:00 - Reader Mail

55:59 - Pultizer Debate

57:30 - Clarence Thomas

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