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Ink Stained WretchesSep 30, 2022
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We’re back with our regular schedule this week. Biden’s Press Secretary tries to spin his gaffes while the media spins Hurricane Ian coverage into climate change awareness. Plus, the Washington Post encourages readers to embrace the recession.

Time Stamps:

00:26 Introduction

4:17 Front Page

27:09 Obsessions

42:54 Reader Mail

48:47 Favorite Item of the Week

Show Notes:

Greg Price on Twitter

Free Beacon: WATCH: As Hurricane Ian Reaches Florida, Media Fixate on Climate Change

CNN video on Twitter

WaPo: Recessions have a silver lining

Puck: Murdoch’s World: Thiel vs. McConnell

TMZ: NBC Hurricane Reporter Using Condoms to Protect Microphone

Bloomberg: CNN Lays Off Podcast Employees in Latest Round of Cuts St. Louis Cardinals on Twitter

NYT: Sundance Liked Her Documentary, ‘Jihad Rehab,’ Until Muslim Critics Didn’t

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