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Polly Want A Crisis?
Ink Stained WretchesFeb 17, 2023
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Rough week for NYT while the attempt to course correct on multiple fronts. We’re also looking at how the inflation is being interpreted amongst various publications and WaPo’s attempt at creating the next George Santos.

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Show Notes:

Mediaite: NYT Edits Article Calling John Fetterman Health Needs ‘Special' 

Hollywood Reporter: Judd Apatow, Gabrielle Union, Tommy Dorfman Accuse The New York Times of “Dangerous Inaccuracies” in Coverage of Trans People 

John Hirschauer on Twitter: “The New York Times is bending over backwards to avoid saying the word “Chiefs.”

Mediaite: WATCH: ESPN’s Chris Berman Ties ‘Abe Lincoln’s Birthday’ to the Historic Two Black QBs Who Started in the Super Bowl

Reuters: Fox News must face Smartmatic's lawsuit over election-rigging claims

The Hill: GOP senators push back at Biden’s FCC nominee during third hearing

CNBC: Inflation rose 0.5% in January, more than expected and up 6.4% from a year ago 

WaPo: US inflation slows to 6.4%, but price pressures re-emerge

WSJ: To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast 

WaPo: California fires widen the gap between rich and poor 

Vox: Russia, climate, inflation: Are we headed toward a “polycrisis”? The buzzword at Davos, explained.

WaPo: These women journalists were doing their jobs. That made them targets. 

WaPo: The Hunter Biden laptop and claims of ‘Russian disinfo’

Washington Examiner: Disinformation Inc: State Department bankrolls group secretly blacklisting conservative media 

NyMag: The Only Success Story in Right-Wing Social Media 

NyMag: Trump Insult ‘Meatball Ron’ Is Better Than ‘DeSanctimonious’ 

The Onion: Adam Schiff Seeks Diane Feinstein’s Endorsement By Playing Into Delusion He’s High School Sweetheart Who Died In WWII

DW: German director suspended after critic smeared with dog poo 

Wapo: Anna Paulina Luna rose to Congress on a compelling life story. It surprised some who knew her.

National Review: What’s going on with the Ohio train crash

A Newspaper Taught Hemingway to Write

Puck: Licht’s Rebound Play