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Ink Stained WretchesJul 22, 2022
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AOC’s fake cuffs, the New Yorker gets its own Feliciz Sonmez, and it turns out many Americans are consuming no news.

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00:24 - Introduction

02:43 - Front Page

32:00 - Obsessions

45:06 - Reader Mail

51:21 - Favorite Item of the Week

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Show Notes:

The Washington Post: Opinion | How media coverage drove Biden’s political plunge

CJR: ‘Blowtorch Britain’ captures global attention

New York Times: CNN Chairman Chris Licht Picks Leadership Team for Post-Zucker Era

CNN: “Boxing” video

Erin Overbey’s Twitter thread

New York Times: Wake Up, Billionaires: The Occupiers Are Coming for the Hamptons

AOC’s Tweet

Fox News: Tucker: This is a book-length suck-up to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Reuters Institute: Overview and key findings of the 2022 Digital News Report

WMC-TV: Rep. Bennie Thompson tests positive for COVID-19, White House hearing continues in his absence

The Guardian: Mortgage strikes threaten China’s economic and political stability

The New York Times: Opinion | What It Means to See America in Person