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Ink Stained WretchesMar 17, 2023
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John Podhoertz, editor of Commentary Magazine, sits in for Eliana today. We’re diving deep into the media’s 2024 coverage and then jumping into a full business section with news from Buzzfeed, Politico, and more.

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6:40 Front Page

1:16:26 Obsessions

1:22:58 Reader Mail 

1:28:37 Favorite Item of the Week

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Show Notes:

The Dispatch: Who Needs the MSM?

Politico: Trump prepares an extensive opposition file on ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ 

WaPo: On the trail, freewheeling Donald Trump counters scripted Ron DeSantis

WaPo: Much of the 2024 GOP field focuses on dark, apocalyptic themes

Mediaite: Al Sharpton Floats His New Nickname For Anti-Woke Republicans: 'Well What's The Opposite?'

Vanity Fair: How Rod Dreher’s Blog Got a Little “Too Weird” for The American Conservative | Vanity Fair 

Politico: How Biden saved Silicon Valley startups: Inside the 72 hours that transformed U.S. banking 

WSJ: Barney Frank Pushed to Ease Financial Regulations After Joining Signature Bank Board 

WaPo: A lot of people heard what Barney Frank said about the new banking law. Few knew he works for a bank. 

WaPo: Dafna Linzer abruptly steps down as Politico’s executive editor

Puck: Dafna Punk 

WSJ: BuzzFeed Encourages Reporters to Write More Stories in Attempt to Turn Profit

Nieman Journalism Lab: The scale of local news destruction in Gannett’s markets is astonishing

Page Six: Gwyneth Paltrow dragged on TikTok over wellness tips 

Slate: Why Are All Action Heroes Named Jack, James, or John?

MSNBC: Oscars 2023: Best picture nom ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is slick, but sick 

Deadline White House on Twiter: "If Stormy is someone they are going to look as a substantial witness for this case, I am certain that she will do a fantastic job... the facts will prevail and the facts do not benefit the former president" - @MichaelCohen212 w/ @NicolleDWallace

MSNBC: Why Michael Cohen wouldn't be as bad a prosecution witness as some may think

LA Times: How white and affluent drivers are polluting the air breathed by LA's people of color

WaPo: Opinion | Gavin Newsom unfairly punishes Walgreens for its abortion pill policy 

CBS New York: City of Newark falls for Sister City scam: "Whose job was it to do a simple Google search?"