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I love your Musk
Ink Stained WretchesApr 29, 2022
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Pressies panic over Musk’s Twitter acquisition and “harassment” of obscenely wealthy and powerful tech execs, Murdoch’s Facebook grudge lives on – and isn’t newsworthy, and should we care whether Kamala is taking a COVID pill?

Show Notes:

WSJ on Sheryl Sandberg putting pressure on Daily Mail

WaPo on Musk twitter attack

Michael Lewis's Podcast

George Will's column

Jeff Maurer in Persuasion

Time Stamps:

2:58 - Kamala has Covid

10:09 - Most Dangerous Man in The World: Rupert Murdoch

15:07 - Facebook v. Murdoch

23:48 - Obsessions

24:05 - Elon boosts online attacks

33:09 - Michael Lewis on Tornados

37:40 - Fan Mail

46:55 - Favorite Items


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