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I Knew It Was You, Fredo
Ink Stained WretchesAug 6, 2021
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The Cuomo brothers' brouhaha, Tucker Carlson interviews Hungarian strongman Viktor Orbán, and NPR greenlights political protests on the part of its reporters so long as they're in favor of "the freedom and dignity of human beings."


  • 0:34 - Segment: Front Page
  • 0:47 - Cuomo, Cuomo, Cuomo (Eliana)
  • 5:19 - Best BBQ of Big Sky and Memphis
  • 8:10 - Donald Trump and Ralph Northam
  • 14:00 - Tucker Carlson's defense of Viktor Orbán (Chris)
  • 18:28 - Andrew Napolitano out at Fox over sexual harassment allegations (Chris)
  • 22:14 - New York Times piece: "Three (White Male) Tough Guys Sign Off. Is it a Moment?" (Eliana)
  • 27:15 -The Atlantic piece on Yale Law Professor Amy Chua (Chris)
  • 30:51 - Segment: Obsessions of the Week
  • 31:12 - Race and Vaccinations (Chris)
  • 38:38 - NPR gives reporters the greenlight to protest (Eliana)
  • 42:53 - Politico writers want to unionize (Eliana)
  • 43:48 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week
  • 44:18 - Gallup Poll on preferred terms for racial groups (Chris)
  • 46:30 - Illegal immigrant beheads American in Minneapolis, as reported by Eliana's dad, Scott Johnson (Eliana)


"Jewish Girl in the Wild:" Check out videos of Eliana trap shooting in Big Sky, Montana, via Instagram

Appendix of report on sexual assault allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, featuring advice from brother and CNN host Chris Cuomo

Riverhouse BBQ in Blue Sky and Cozy Corner BBQ in Memphis

James Kirchick on Viktor Orbán in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post

Politico article on sexual assault allegations facing Judge Andrew Napolitano

New York Times article, "Three (White Male) Tough Guys Sign Off. Is it a Moment?"

Elizabeth Bruenig's article in The Atlantic on Yale Professor Amy Chua (shoutout to listener Karen Billups for sending!)

Scott Johnson's coverage on an illegal Cuban immigrant, Alexis Saborit, who beheaded an American in Minnesota, from the Power Line Blog