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How to Win Friends and Influence Coverage
Ink Stained WretchesSep 24, 2022
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This week we’re diving deep into the relationships between journalists and politicians. Plus Don Lemon gets a history lesson, and more drama in the world chess.

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40:24 Reader Mail

47:37 Favorite Item of the Week

Show Notes:

60 Minutes: President Joe Biden: The 2022 

Politico: Nina Totenberg Had a Beautiful Friendship With RBG. Her Book About It Is an Embarrassment.

Daily Beast: Bret Baier Wanted Fox to Rescind Arizona Call, 'Put It Back' in Trump's 'Column'

Puck: The WaPo’s Post-Trump Blues Continue

WaPo: Youngkin’s meeting with Va. delegation gets heated over trans policy

Christiane Amanpour on Twitter

CNN: Don Lemon on Reparations video

NYT: How Russian Trolls Helped Keep the Women’s March Out of Lock Step 

Tablet Mag: Is the Women's March Melting Down?

WSJ: The Question Behind the Magnus Carlsen-Hans Niemann Drama: How to Cheat at Chess?

Washingtonian: Confirmed: Maryland Drivers Are Worse Than Virginia Drivers

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