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Ink Stained WretchesDec 17, 2021
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FNC Sunday host jumps to streaming, NYT issues an epic correction aka retraction, and Fox News hosts hit up Mark Meadows on Jan. 6 with their unvarnished thoughts.


  • 03:24 - Segment: Front Page
  • 03:33 - Chris Wallace departs Fox News to join CNN +
  • 14:52 - Sen. Amy Klobuchar plays hall monitor with CNN's Jake Tapper
  • 18:55 - Operation Whistle Pig
  • 22:15 - The Washington Post's piece on Sen. Joe Manchin's opposition to green energy
  • 26:40 - Dr. Oz tells CNN that he will only do interviews on Fox News
  • 29:30 - Segment: Obsessions
  • 29:40 - Fox News hosts sent texts to Mark Meadows urging Trump to act on January 6 (Chris)
  • 36:01 - The New York Times "corrects" a story on a Palestinian professor in Gaza "calmly" teaching Israeli poetry (Eliana)
  • 41:57 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week
  • 42:08 - The best-ever restaurant review in on the Everywhereist blog (Chris)
  • 45:57 - Real Housewife of New York City Luann de Lesseps dines and dashes at Le Diplomate (Eliana)


YaHoo News on the article on CPB investigating Americans

The most epic New York Times correction

The most wild restaurant review ever

Real Housewife of New York City dines and dashes at Le Diplomate, via New York Magazine