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At Fox and CNN, Talent Runs Amok
Ink Stained WretchesFeb 24, 2023
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Cable news currently has its hands full with Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon. Tune in to get the latest on the New York Times outrage, Ron Desantis and this week’s George Santos.  

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Show Notes: 

NYT: Uproar Hits CNN as Don Lemon Is Rebuked for Comments About Women 

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: 'If Don doesn't go, we will!': Angry female staffers at CNN issue ultimatum over Lemon's sexist Nikki Haley comments and threaten to quit if he stays on-air

WaPo: Opinion | Does Don Lemon's punishment at CNN fit the crime?

Axios: Exclusive: Kevin McCarthy gives Tucker Carlson access to massive trove of Jan. 6 riot tape 

News Channel 5: Businessman, economist, cop, international sex crimes expert? The stories of Congressman Andy Ogles

Vanity Fair: Ron DeSantis Shouldn’t Be Covered Like Just Another Republican

The Dispatch: DeSantis Is (Almost) Right About Libel Law

WaPo: Republicans use ‘wokeism’ to attack left — but struggle to define it

NewsMax: Sen. Tuberville: Newsmax Targeted to Silence Conservatives 

NYT: ‘Chernobyl 2.0’? Ohio Train Derailment Spurs Wild Speculation.

NBC News: Supreme Court rejects Ohio man’s bid to sue police over arrest for Facebook parody

NYT: James O’Keefe Leaves His Post as the Leader of Project Veritas

Mediaite: Upcoming Oscars Ceremony Will Be Equipped With 'Crisis Team' in the Event of Another Will Smith-Style Stunt


Mediaite: ‘I Was So F*cking Freaked Out’: Ex-NYT Staffer Describes ‘Crying’ and ‘Bloodthirsty’ Colleagues Seeking Vengeance for Cotton Op-Ed 

NYPost: Censorship of Roald Dahl is more akin to China's cultural revolution than supposed democracies 

Favorite Items of the Week: 

The Athletic: Rosenthal: Remembering Tim McCarver, the ideal teammate in broadcasting and baseball 

NYT: In a First, a Woman Issues a Thunderstorm Watch, Officials Say