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Ableists on the Attack
Ink Stained WretchesOct 28, 2022
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This week we’re recapping coverage of the Pennsylvania Senate debate, diving into new developments at CNN and breaking down why Ted Cruz appeared on The View.

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Show Notes: 

The Atlantic: The Fetterman-Oz Debate Was a Rorschach Test

The Independent: Kara Swisher shuts down ‘nonsense’ claims that John Fetterman couldn’t follow conversation

CNBC: CNN chief Chris Licht has big ideas, but employees are nervous, and more job cuts are coming 

Axios: Scoop: Tucker Carlson lashes out at GOP campaign chief in irate private call 

The Daily Beast: Newsmax Bans Lara Logan After She Goes Full QAnon, Spews Blood Libel on Network

Seattle Times: Seattle Councilmember Sawant says her property is being vandalized, criticizes police investigation

The Hill: Nearly 60 percent see mainstream media as a threat to democracy: poll

Semafor: Jimmy Finkelstein raises $40 million to launch Daily Mail, Washington Post hybrid

WaPo: America has a Black sperm donor shortage. Black women are paying the price. 

NY Times: With Ads, Imagery and Words, Republicans Inject Race Into Campaigns

NYPost: Hecklers interrupt 'The View' taping to shout down Ted Cruz 

WaPo: Congress and divorce: The curse of the Oregon 5th District 

NYTimes: Blunder in Affirmative Action Case May Cost Harvard $15 Million