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Underprepared and Overcaffeinated
Getting HammeredMar 23, 2022
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And do they have a show for you! The New York Times, after a year and a half, finally gives credibility to the Hunter Biden laptop story; confirmation hearings begin for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson; and some states temporarily eliminate gas taxes to help drivers face skyrocketing prices at the pump.


  • 00:12 - Segment: Welcome to the Show
  • 06:58 - Segment: The News You Need to Know
  • 08:38 - The New York Times confirms the legitimacy of Hunter Biden's laptop and emails
  • 21:00 - Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson faces Senate hearing
  • 35:44 - Drivers in some states could see some relief, as legislatures move to temporarily remove gas taxes
  • 39:43 - Democrats change their tunes on masks and other coronavirus mitigation strategies
  • 43:58 - Harris notes the significance of the "passage of time" at a reading event in Louisiana