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The Slap Heard 'Round the World
Getting HammeredMar 30, 2022
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None of us would've known the Oscars had even happening if it weren't for Will Smith smacking the [bleep] out of Chris Rock on stage. Mary Katharine and Vic have thoughts on that, as well as President Joe Biden's gaffes on the Russian-Ukraine War. Finally, Mary Katharine fears for the safety of her state, as Duke and UNC face off in the Final Four.


  • 00:12 - Segment: Welcome to the Show
  •  13:27 - Segment: The News You Need to Know
  • 13:44 - Actor Will Smith slaps the sh*t out of comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars on Sunday 
  • 31:59 - President Joe Biden’s team forced to do clean-up after he demands for a regime change in Russia during speech in Poland
  • 43:28 - Duke to face University of North Carolina in the Final Four