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Getting HammeredFeb 16, 2022
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No matter how much you drank on Super Bowl Sunday, you probably weren’t as tanked as President Joe Biden’s approval numbers. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threatens to bring in the military (tanks?) to handle pandemic mandate protesters. And a new study warns against getting tanked on Moscow Mules.


  • 00:12 - Segment: Welcome to the Show 
  • 12:48 - Segment: The News You Need to Know
  • 12:57 - President Joe Biden’s approval numbers tank 
  • 17:32 - Canadian leaders threaten martial law to end pandemic protests 
  • 28:14 - France tightens its vaccine mandate, while Denmark removes all restrictions 
  • 29:25 - Washington D.C. mayor ends vaccine mandate for indoor activities, mask mandate to expire by end of the month 
  • 35:17 - Slim majority of independents, 80 percent of Democrats, say they support mask mandates
  • 35:29 - Celebs spotted maskless at Super Bowl 
  • 44:55 - Copper levels in Moscow Mules could be dangerous—if you drink 30 of them—according to a new study