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Getting HammeredApr 20, 2022
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...Without a mask! A federal judge overrules the CDC's travel mask mandates, much to Mary Katharine and Vic's delight, and the White House's dismay. The Bidens roll into the annual Easter Egg Roll, touting Democrats' eggcellent work to provide top-quality education to America's kids this year (insert eye roll here). Finally, Mary Katharine answers a listener's inquiry about Fairfax County Public Schools' search for a new superintendent.


  • 00:12 - Segment: Welcome to the Show
  • 11:48 - Segment: The News You Need to Know
  • 12:05 - Segment: Getting Hammered Investigates 
  • 12:18 - Federal judge overruled the Center for Disease Control’s travel mask guidance
  • 29:55 - Donna Brazile says Democrats to run on the “roaring” economy, Republicans on the “fumes” of 2020
  • 31:26 - The White House hosts its annual Easter Egg Roll, where First Lady Jill Biden touts Democrats’ education strategy during the pandemic, and President Biden has some interesting comments on Afghanistan 
  • 37:39 - Reason magazine piece on what we lost during the pandemic
  • 39:43 - Listener inquiry: Fairfax County Public School’s superintendent search 


Peter Suderman piece in Reason magazine