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Are the Kids Alright?
Getting HammeredApr 6, 2022
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From the CDC’s admission that lockdowns caused a mental health crisis among teens to Jennifer Rubin’s worst column ever (yeah, it’s really that bad), we’ve got quite an uplifting lineup for a very important day: Mary Katharine’s birthday!


  • 00:12 - Segment: Welcome to the Show 
  • 12:23 - Segment: The News You Need to Know 
  • 12:31 - Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson goes to final floor vote 
  • 15:59 - Elon Musk buys more than 73 million shares of Twitter stock, now a member of the platform’s board of directors
  • 21:40 - The CDC releases information on the impact Covid lockdowns had on teen mental health
  • 31:49 - President Joe Biden shares a story—about what, we don’t know… 
  • 42:01 - Jennifer Rubin’s worst column yet: A defense of Biden’s economy 


Suzy Weiss piece for Bari Weiss’s Common Sense Substack on teen girls’ experience with Covid lockdowns